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 Although the primary use is in vegetable and flower gardens, the Dustin Mizer hand duster is also used to disperse dust in attics, crawl spaces, around kennels and barns.   Call if we can help you with a special need or information. 


Gets under the leaves where the critters are

  • Lightweight, high-impact polystyrene plastic housing • Non-corrosive and chemically inert partsMade in the USA Best in Class:  

 Each and every Dustin-Mizer is assembled by hand at our plant in Elkins, Arkansas
 - individually tested- and comes  with a one year full warranty. 
While designed for use with Diatomaceous Earth, you may use any insecticide dust in the Dustin Mizer: Sevin,  Drione Dust, Delta Dust, Permethrin Dust and other dust  formulated insecticides. 


We are looking for more dealers in some areas contact us at sales@earthduster.com


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We need more dealers in some areas contact us for more information

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