The Dustin-Mizer™

Premium Dust Applicator for Safe and Effective Insect Control

For Use in Gardens, Homes, Coops, and Barns

Healthy Garden and Home

Easily apply Diatomaceous Earth and all commonly used dusts to your garden. The included deflector will allow you to dust under the leaves. Dust will not add unwanted moisture to foliage and is less toxic than liquids, as plants do not absorb dry dust.

Healthy Coops and Barns

The Dustin-Mizer™ is the perfect tool to apply Diatomaceous Earth and other dusts directly to coops and barns for organic pest control.

Diatomaceous Earth dust is long-lasting, and lingers on surfaces, helping you to maintain a healthy environment for your animals.

Made in the USA

Assembled by hand at our plant in Elkins, Arkansas. Every Dustin-Mizer™ is individually tested and comes with a one year full warranty.